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Guide to modernizing PR team workflow

Frederik Vincx

How your team can use design thinking and agile methods to evaluate and improve how they work.

The world’s leading tech PRs’ top productivity tools

David Sawyer

Which tools do top tech PR's use? Dave Sawyer asked them for Prezly

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Web curios

Hyperactive brilliance with a finger on the pulse of what’s vital and next in marketing. You never finish Web Curios each week, you just realise you need to move on.


Arguably one of the key figures in Europe stirring discussion on PR best practice. Did more for awareness in one year leading CIPR than most have in their entire careers.

The business of influence

Trained as an engineer, Philip’s approach to PR is free of much of the dogma that clouds our judgement, allowing him to move in bold, agnostic directions. His focus is using social to become a better business.

Beyond PR

A daily dose of insight into the world of PR from one of the leading sources of news and information for leading global media organizations.

Danny Whatmough

The chair of the PRCA’s Digital Group shares his views on everything social, PR, digital and beyond.

We need a resolution

The team behind search marketing agency Propellernet help PR's understand the value of SEO.